Cover by Kevin Barnes.


Bright Spirit Descending is based on "The Alchemist" and "To Reign In Hell"--the First Season episodes introducing, then developing, Father's greatest nemesis, John Pater: Paracelsus. They occur early in Vincent and Catherine's relationship, but bear all the history, and the seeds of all the developments, of what these lovers are and will become to one another.

In addition to recounting these episodes, with added scenes and material, the book also presents the beginnings of Jacob and John: the founding of the Tunnel Community itself, the advent of Vincent, and how the man who came to be called "Father" and the man who came to call himself "Paracelsus" came into conflict over the child--a conflict that threatened the foundations of the whole Tunnel Community: "Our first real test of government," as Father later called it.

Interior art is by well-known artist Barb Gipson. Here's are samples:


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